The “after” look of staging used at one of our client’s homes


There’s no one way to sell a home. Some people will choose to sell their home while they are still living in it, and others will wait until they’ve moved elsewhere. Home staging is that happy medium – The home is “staged”, or decorated with furniture and products to make it look and feel as it would when the new resident is all moved in.

Angela wears many important hats in our team including being our on-staff interior designer. This really comes in handy when we are preparing our listings for sale. She has comprised this 38 free staging tips . She also offers additional advise to all our our seller clients on how to effectively and economically “stage” a home to be sold so that it will not only sell quickly but sell for a fair market value.

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When you’re in a distressed situation, you really have two options if you plan to sell instead of let the home go to foreclosure:

1.) Sell the home to an investor (“we buy houses FAST and for cash”). This is usually not an option if you are upside down. If have equity, you have to be prepared that the investor plans to run off with it. That’s the sole reason these “we buy houses with cash” companies buy houses… to turn a profit.

2.) Sell your home through a coordinated short sale/ distressed sale program and try to recoup your equity proceeds at closing. This is a program that our team offers. If you don’t have any equity we can try to get relocation assistance and all home selling costs covered by your mortgage lender. This option lessens the impact on your credit and shortens the recovery & rebuilding time in comparison to an actual foreclosure taking place. If you’d like to learn more about this program CLICK HERE. 

If you opt to go with option #2, then you have to have a game plan so your home will not only sell quickly to beat the foreclosure clock but also sell for the highest price possible so you can recoup your equity proceeds at closing. If you’re upside down, you need to try and sell the home for as much as possible so the bank will be more receptive to accepting a lesser amount than what’s owed. Banks are smart and will  hire their own appraisers or obtain multiple third party valuation instruments such as broker price opinion (BPO). They will know how much your home is worth and will be more inclined to work with defaulted borrowers who are acting in good faith.

Home staging doesn’t just help land sales – it can also increase the final sale price. When people buy a house, what they’re really shopping for is a home. And home evokes a lot of memories and feelings that they’re hoping to experience whenever they’re out house shopping. When they get that feeling, they know that house is the “one”.

Staging helps buyers visualize what their future home could be and evokes those feelings – instead of an empty house, they see a fully-furnished living space. However, home staging is an expensive proposition if you are in a distressed situation and trying to beat the foreclosure clock. Angela has taught us over the years, “staging” isn’t just about nice furniture, it’s about the feeling. And despite what expensive staging companies will try to tell you, that feeling can still be accomplished by working with what you already have in many cases.

Many times, distressed seller listings will be sold “as-is”. However, it’s important to present the home in its best possible light so that the home will attract as many showings and buyers as possible and increase the chances of selling quickly. We can accomplish this through our professional marketing and by implementing these staging techniques to increase the appeal of your home to prospective buyers, regardless of its current condition.

How do you go about home staging? There are a number of techniques you can utilize to get your home staged, and which ones you use will depend largely on the type of home you’re trying to sell, and which features you want to help stand out within the property.

Home staging doesn’t have to be an expensive process. If you’re needing to stage your home on a budget, then please review our 38 home staging tips so you can get your property into shape before it goes on the market.

These techniques can range from simple things like hiding family photos to large-scale projects like re-painting old rooms. Whether you want a few quick fixes or a full-scale staging project, there’s a tip in this guide you can implement right away to improve the value of your home.

You don’t have to invest in model furniture or massive renovations to properly stage a home; there are plenty of little things you can do, from cleanup to rearranging furniture, that will increase your home’s worth in your buyers’ eyes.

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Here are some before and after photos from our clients’ homes that implemented Angela’s design advise.