Robert Smith-Adams

Robert Smith-Adams

NRBA Master Broker
(714) 924-3825

"Why is Robert Smith-Adams and The Adams Family Real Estate Services, Inc. the best choice for managing your REO in Southern California? Simple: They have merged the REO management mindset with retail real estate marketing to produce a smooth REO transaction with the highest recovery rate possible.”

Robert Smith-Adams has been a top producing REO broker in Southern California and Middle Tennessee since 2005. He specializes in complex real estate investment advisory (loss mitigation) and pre and post foreclosure real estate marketing & sales.
Robert has a passion for providing exceptional professionalism and service to histrusted clientele.

Robert assists his bank and private equity fund clients with the following:
• REO Marketing and Sales
• NPL Acquisition
• Property Condition Reports
• Broker Price Opinions
• Rental Portfolio Acquisition
• Loss Mitigation

Robert takes great care and concern with his clients’ assets. He has merged the REO management mindset with retail real estate marketing to produce a smooth transaction with the highest recovery rate possible.

Because of his extensive experience in default real estate and loan servicing, Robert has pioneered foreclosure mediation programs to help defaulted homeowners avoid foreclosure and offers these programs to homeowners located in Orange County and Los Angeles County, California.

Robert is the current Head of all Master Brokers and the Tennessee Master Broker for the well-recognized and acclaimed NRBA, National REO Broker’s Association. He spent several years traveling nationally to coach default real estate professionals as a Platinum Coach with Craig Proctor after the Great Recession. Additionally, he served as the former Pacific-West Region Master Broker (California & Hawaii) for the National REO Broker’s Association.

In his spare time, Robert’s hobbies include traveling with his wife Angela and their beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels/Yorkie dogs, creating fun dishes in the kitchen, and watching live music with their close friends. Robert’s all-time love is fire engine mechanics, aviation, and The Blue Angels. Robert has a pilot’s license and enjoys flying small craft airplanes and studying the business and art of all things aviation.


Robert Smith-Adams, NRBA Master Broker

Licensed in California in 2005, Brokers License in Tennessee in 2014.

Direct: (714)-924-3825
Email: [email protected]
DRE#: 01505941

Mrs. Angela Adams

Mrs. Angela Adams

President of Adams Family Real Estate Services, Inc.
(615) 586-3968

The Adams Family Real Estate Services, Inc. is a WOSB real estate team/company brokered by eXp Realty of California, Inc. The company was formed by its President, Angela Adams to assist buyers and sellers through the various stages of real estate processes in Southern California. The Adams Family RES assist lenders in the management, marketing, and sales of their pre & post foreclosure assets. They also assist retail buyers & sellers and help homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments with foreclosure mediation alternatives.

I guess you can already tell that they are a little “different” than most real estate teams in Orange County. That’s because they are default real estate valuation, marketing, & sales experts. With over 15 years of experience working in several of the country’s top real estate marketplaces (L.A., Atlanta, & Nashville), this team has the experience, knowledge, & tools to guide you through even the most complicated real estate scenarios.

Angela Adams has a background in interior design, real estate development, & co-ownership in a real estate brokerage firm in Middle Tennessee. She founded this professional team in SoCal because it was a natural progression in her career path and added benefit to the team’s clientele. By establishing a team of real estate experts that each possess unique backgrounds and skill sets, The Adams Family RES can effectively manage their clients' needs and excel in customer service relations.

Besides the obvious that Angela & Robert are 'The Adams Family' in real life, there is an important symbolism behind why their logo is a spin off from the popular, old television show. A homeowner being threatened with foreclosure can be quite scary. A corporate seller managing REO assets has its own set of unique challenges as well. But just like the TV show, The Aadams Family understood scary. In fact, they made the abnormalities and challenges in life seem more palpable because that was their normal.

That is why Angela & Robert are 'The Adams Family' in real estate, because they specialize in the abnormalities of real estate. The Adams Family RES know how to expertly guide you through a difficult process and make it a lot less cumbersome because that is what they do best.

Angela Adams has been in the real estate industry here entire life as both of her parents are real estate brokers. Licensed in multiple states since 2006, she has spent the last 11 years as the VP of a Nashville based real estate brokerage firm and specializes in: retail buyers and sellers, real estate investing (STRP portfolios/buy & holds/flips/new builds), real estate development acquisition and sales, interior design selections and staging, construction project management, default real estate management/marketing/sales, 1031 exchange, & interstate/intrastate/multinational luxury real estate-asset trading.

Angela’s passions are creating a beautiful life and home by living authentically and making family and home her primary focus. She loves to cook, sing, dance, travel, and design. She is currently working on a gluten-free cookbook/blog and advancing her credentials in interior architecture. She spends her days off exploring SoCal with her loving husband, Robert, and their adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Yokie: Brighton, Bailey, & Duncan.

Angela gives back by volunteering her time with local communities. She volunteers for The Salvation Army and previously sat on the Board of Directors as the PR & Marketing Director for the Celiac Support Association of Middle Tennessee, a nonprofit organization helping patients diagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease. Angela Adam’s Motto: “I’m going to make everything around me beautiful and that is going to be my life…” -Elsie De Wolfe

For more info about how The Adams Family Real Estate Services, Inc. can help you, send them a DM.
Got questions? The Adams Family RES will offer honest, expert advice regarding what the real estate market is really doing right now and what your options may be.


Angela Adams, President
The Adams Family Real Estate Services, Inc.
DRE #: 02120873
Direct: (615)-586-3968
Email: [email protected]
Assistant's Email: [email protected]

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