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Great REO Broker!

Great agent I would recommend him to any bank, asset management company, Hedge Fund, etc. -Dirk Fuchs

Exceptional Professionalism & Experience in Probate Sale

The Adams Family RES are the real pros. I am a probate attorney in SoCal and was referred to them by an out of area REO broker. Robert handled the probate negotiations and real estate processes with a level of professionalism that you will not find with a standard real estate agent. I highly recommend The Adams Family RES for your default real estate needs, including probate.

Light in a Dark Tunnel

My elderly mom was losing her home to foreclosure. Robert's bank relationships were invaluable as he was able to line up everything and put the right processes and professionals into place so my Mom was able to sell her home with dignity and stop the foreclosure process. I'm not sure what we would of done without his experience and guidance. - David S.

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